Côr Thermostat by Carrier

Willis Carrier was the man who invented modern air conditioning, and Carrier was the business he founded. The arrival of indoor cooling has been hailed as one of mankind’s most impactful innovations, yet the Carrier brand had stagnated over the years to the point where it held little resonance in the minds of homeowners. Moreover, many consumers had no clue what HVAC system was installed in their home because most of their HVAC engagement was through the thermostat (likely badged with brands like Honeywell) or through annual servicing by local dealers (not operating under the Carrier name).


The Solution

Doe-Anderson utilized an entirely new visual identity system we developed to bring a more friendly tech tonality to the Carrier brand. We then created messaging that highlighted the company’s unsurpassed HVAC expertise in order to combat pretenders such as Nest who had shiny-looking products but little engineering qualifications.

We focused on digital display ads in regions of the U.S. that were experiencing extreme temperature swings. Through our work with The Weather Channel, we were able to target display ads in exact locations where these climatic conditions were taking place. We also upped the brand’s technological street cred by launching the product at this past January’s CES show in Las Vegas – garnering terrific attention in the right earned-media outlets.


Doe-Anderson worked closely with the Carrier development team to create a responsive site that would educate both consumers and dealers about their new Carrier smart thermostat. To meet critical launch timing, content maps and wireframes were completed even before the prototype device was available to be photographed.

Geotargeted Digital Advertising

Dynamic digital ads were created for The Weather Channel in key markets to display current temperature in the area during hot or cold spells.

B2B Print

“Finally, a smart thermostat that lives up to the name.”

Packaging and Quick Start Guide

The Results

Successfully repositioned Carrier as a provider of “friendly tech.”

43% lift in calls delivered to local dealers via Carrier.com dealer locator

43% lift in calls delivered to local dealers via Carrier.com dealer locator

22% lift in web traffic following campaign launch

22% lift in web traffic following campaign launch


Numerous "smart home" feature stories in press following CES launch