Digital Strategist

May 21, 2019

Doe-Anderson is looking for a motivated individual to help integrate social media and digital strategy into overall business objectives. This person will apply marketing research methods to learn and understand emerging trends and technologies and communicate this knowledge through strategy recommendations on an integrated team.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate a high level of digital curiosity, an eye for trends on social platforms and exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Assist in the development of comprehensive digital strategies with clearly identified personas and KPIs to increase visibility and traffic across clients’ websites and social media platforms.
  • Embrace and understand the breadth and depth of digital analytics – quantitative and qualitative – to effectively communicate how these metrics contribute to marketing ROI and may help pivot strategy when necessary.
  • Evaluate clients’ existing online presence – brand strategy, competitor presence, website, social media, etc. – and provide strategic recommendations for improvement based on established brand goals.
  • Identify trends and emerging technologies in social media and translate them into Points of View (POV) to make them relevant for clients and account teams.
  • Monitor and evaluate the social media and digital landscape continuously for effective new tools, trends and strategies to enhance the online user journey.

You will need:

  • Three years of experience in digital marketing
  • Ability to evaluate digital performance metrics and present useful insights and subsequent recommendations in a constructive manner
  • Working knowledge of social media platforms, audiences and best practices for content optimization as well as an ability to analyze comprehensive engagement metrics
  • Basic knowledge of website usability best practices, website navigation design and flow, content optimization and content management methods and systems
  • Excellent organizational, communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to work independently and as a team collaborator

All qualified candidates can send your credentials to