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Actors Theatre

This venerable theater, recognized globally for its world-class productions, needed to expand its patron base in a world where it not only has to compete with other live theater, but also the ever-expanding options of easily accessible digital entertainment (and decreasing attention spans).

The theater also needed a way to better communicate its many productions in an impactful manner that clearly signaled that the production was "from Actors" but in a way that allowed the nuanced personality of each individual show to shine through in a unique way.


The Solution

Through competitor, audience and trends research and through multiple interactive workshops, we developed a brand position that helped identify the theater’s audience based upon mindset, not demographics, to tap into curious explorers who valued the emotional and social rewards of top-quality theater. This was summed up in the brand purpose – For Entertaining Minds.

We also developed a sophisticated, yet easy to implement, visual identity system that utilizes the distinctive ascender of the letter “A” in the new word marque we designed. This feature provides an identifiable “Actors-ness” in our communications while allowing a great deal of flexibility on the imagery below.

Visual Identity

A bold new mark and visual language brought new energy to the institution while underlining its prestigious place in the American theater.


Season Guide

The system allowed for consistency of tone yet still allowed individual productions to effectively represent their unique storylines.

The Results

A dynamic return to the forefront of Louisville’s artistic community.

In first season following rebrand, revenue has risen 19.8%

In first season following rebrand, revenue has risen 19.8%


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