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Goodwood Brewing Co.

This brewing and bottling company, formerly known as Bluegrass Brewing Company (BBC), was the spin-off of a popular Louisville restaurant that operated under the same name. Despite operating under different ownership, the brewery received calls for dinner reservations daily as people confused the two independent establishments. The times called for a re-brand.


The Solution

The booming beer market didn’t need or want yet another brewer unless it brought something unique. Something worth tasting and sharing with a friend. Luckily, we had just the thing: a distinct Louisville provenance and collection of award-winning, barrel-aged beer.

We went all-in. And, taking cue from our bourbon neighbors, we created a new brand with a complete line of beers touched by wood and brewed with limestone water. We built the brand on this premise and helped develop a product portfolio, packaging and mobile-friendly website to communicate it.

Brand Identity

The name “Goodwood” delivers on multiple levels: both as a functional promise of what makes the beers distinct, and as a mnemonic representing both quality and fun. The brand identity system balances clean, contemporary typography with an unassuming, slightly self-deprecating tone.


The color palette is refreshingly atypical for beer while, graphics reinforce the product’s USP in a sophisticated yet approachable way.


Demand for Goodwood-themed merchandise has been running almost as high as for the beer.


A simple yet responsive and mobile-forward site was designed as a tasty tutorial on all things good and wood.

Bar Tools

The theme was carried into the on-premise, including an ingenious tap handle with a limestone inset.

The Results

Quaff with pleasure.

580% lift in total year-over-year sales

580% lift in total year-over-year sales

Threefold increase in taproom sales

Threefold increase in taproom sales

Brand is being rolled out into eight states

Brand is being rolled out into eight states

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