Doe-Anderson 2017 Interns to Bite off Texas Roadhouse Branding Project

Doe-Anderson 2017 Interns to Bite off Texas Roadhouse Branding Project

January 3, 2017

Doe-Anderson announced today that Texas Roadhouse has agreed to partner with the agency internship program on a brand strategy project.

Each year Doe-Anderson hires six summer interns. Together they form an interdisciplinary team: account management, account planning, creative, media and public relations. Doe-Anderson looks for companies to participate in the program who are committed to educating young talent and who have a current branding challenge that is a good fit for the agency overall. This year, the 101-year old marketing shop proposed the 10-week internship project to Texas Roadhouse.

“We’re really looking forward to working with the Doe-Anderson internship program and seeing where these young minds go. Already we can see how involved the Doe senior leadership team is, which is important to us. We’ll be working with some of the most talented young marketers in the country within an established, award-winning agency,” said Chris Jacobsen, Chief Marketing Officer for Texas Roadhouse. “That’s a winning combination for everyone.”

Michael Littman, Doe-Anderson Chief Marketing Officer and the creator of Doe-Anderson’s current internship program explained the agency’s philosophy.

“At Doe-Anderson, we believe that we have a responsibility to educate the next generation of marketers. We spend months selecting young talent from the best schools, then foster that talent by assigning real client work and guiding the team through the stages of discovery, planning, execution and presentation of deliverables. Last summer, we had an incredibly talented team that included an Exeter student from the United Kingdom as well as marketing majors from UK and U of L,” added Littman. “Each year’s class impresses us more than the last.”

The Doe-Anderson 2016 internship program focused on a brand awareness campaign for Malibu Boats.  In 2015, the interns landed PetFirst as an agency client.