Doe-Anderson Demonstrates Carrier’s Connected Home Using AR

Doe-Anderson Demonstrates Carrier’s Connected Home Using AR

January 19, 2018

To gear up for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Carrier tasked Doe-Anderson with finding a creative way to promote its connected home service and demonstrate how Carrier technology can solve homeowners’ problems.

Since CES is about new product rather than new service, it was harder to tell Carrier’s story in a compelling way. To combat this challenge, Doe-Anderson teamed up with Picasso Pictures to create an Augmented Reality (AR) experience, highlighting the benefits of Carrier’s connected home controls in an interactive way that would resonate with consumers. The AR allowed attendees to experience how Carrier’s Côr thermostat automatically sends system warning signals to the Carrier dealer to preemptively arrange for service repairs and monitor services without any additional cost. The display also showed users how the service helps prevent potentially hazardous situations in periods of extreme weather.

“We considered delivering the connected service story through video, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies. Our prior experience at CES told us that video itself can feel outdated, while VR comes with the restrictions of putting on a viewing mask – which we noted restricted some people from willingly engaging with an exhibit. Working within a tight time frame and with budget limitations, we determined that AR would be our most effective solution. AR allowed us to capture the ‘magic’ of the anticipatory service experience, allowing users the opportunity to see firsthand the benefits of Carrier’s connected home controls.”

Christian Walsh — Creative Group Head

To drive traffic to the Carrier booth and the AR setup, Doe-Anderson promoted the experience with daily product giveaways through digital media, specifically targeting CES attendees who visited any of the 11 event venues and focusing on a one-mile radius around each location.

Following CES, the AR promotional piece will be used by Carrier dealer sales and service technicians to bring the Côr connected home message to homeowners. “Printed pieces and brand videos still have value,” said Andrea Serapiglia, Account Supervisor on the Carrier assignment. “But we have taken note of the growing trend of gamification, and have noted that people of all ages are increasingly confident in their use of technology. This was a great opportunity to reinforce a leading-edge product with leading-edge communication technology.”

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