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Largest Bridge Slide in America

April 25, 2014

Sliding a half-mile bridge weighing 30 million pounds is no easy task. But that’s what our client did. And it made history. The engineers and construction crew in charge of the Milton-Madison Bridge Project slid the newly built bridge laterally 55 feet onto its permanent piers.

This engineering marvel is the largest lateral bridge slide in North America. Heck, it might even be the largest in the world, but trying to research bridge slides in developing countries like China, India and Dubai is a bit difficult.

In addition to coordinating public involvement for the project, our PR team developed a media relations strategy to ensure that the world knew of our client’s record-breaking feat. And to make it easy and visually interesting for the media to cover the story, Doe-Anderson prepared a time-lapse video of the slide – boiling 12 hours of work down to one minute. While hits continue to pour in, media ranging from CNN to the Madison Courier newspaper have used the video, resulting in more than 13 million impressions with a publicity value of $100,000.

Having a hard time picturing a half-mile bridge sliding 55 feet? Watch the video above.