Some Case Studies are More Interesting Than Others

Some Case Studies are More Interesting Than Others

March 28, 2013

Doe-Anderson - Obies recognizes Doe-Anderson and Maker's Mark

We’ve been working with the nice people at Maker’s Mark since 1971. Together, we turned an obscure brand of Kentucky bourbon into a worldwide power brand. Along the way we built the industry’s most successful Ambassador program and, when you get right down to it, really created a whole new category of distilled spirits, “premium bourbon.”

In 2012 Maker’s Mark and Doe-Anderson were recognized for our efforts. Here are a few highlights:

It all goes to show what can happen when a truly outstanding product is put into the hands of people with a real passion for telling its story in a memorable, differentiating way.

At Doe-Anderson we believe the most powerful form of marketing happens when someone who knows and loves a brand tells a friend with similar interests. It’s called Brand Enthusion,™ and it’s the direct result of a proprietary brand-planning process we call the 5Cs: Curiosity, Connection, Conversation, Confidence and Community. To find out how it works, call our CMO, Michael Littman, at 502-589-1700.