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Finding the Right Moments

It’s more than GRPs and CPC
Media is the art and math and science of reaching the most people you want to talk to at the lowest price.

Building belief isn't just about what you say. It's also about where and when you say it – targeting the right audience, at the right time, in the right environment. That could mean a national cross-platform Olympics partnership on NBC, a weather-based digital campaign built on predictive analytics in Chicago or an ad in the local neighborhood magazine. Doe-Anderson has done all of the above and more, for major national accounts as well as local businesses.

  • Media Strategy and Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Programmatic
  • OTT/Connected TV
  • Digital Audio Services and Podcasts
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Paid Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Offline Media (TV, Radio, Print, OOH)
  • Product/Service Integrations
  • Competitive Analysis

Our fundamentals

Using Our Experience to Your Advantage

Having over 150 collective years’ in the field means active experience across all media types, inspiring a media-agnostic approach to all challenges. Our skilled planners and buyers have a proven track record of campaign success and cost efficiencies when measured against industry benchmarks.

Integrated Approach

Media strategy is built not only by a group of specialists within the Media team, but also by input from in-house strategic planning, creative and analytics teams working as a single unit and ensuring we meet our goals of right audience, right time and right environment.

World-Class Resources

The Doe-Anderson media group shares many of the same world-class resources with strategic planning and analytics team members along with additional tools for consumer research (Scarborough, eMarketer), media planning and buying (Nielsen, The Trade Desk, SRDS) and competitive analysis (Kantar, Media Monitors).

In-house Programmatic Advertising

Doe-Anderson partners with The Trade Desk, a leading industry platform for purchasing programmatic media. Through The Trade Desk DSP, we purchase display, native, audio and video (including Connected TV) through real-time bidding. Hands-on control by our in-house programmatic traders as opposed to third-party management provides significant benefits to our clients in the form of site transparency, advanced targeting, faster campaign implementation, brand safety standards and cost efficiencies that can result in up to 40% in savings.

Monitoring and Stewardship

Guaranteeing your message was delivered as promised – both in numbers and in the proper environment – is of critical importance. Offline media is held to a higher-than-normal delivery threshold, including TV at 90%. Brand safety measures are instituted on every digital media campaign through aggressive viewability standards and content verification by third parties such as DoubleVerify and White Ops, as well as post-campaign verification through MOAT and IAS.

Taking Advantage of First-class Analytics

The Media team is closely aligned with the Analytics department to ensure their expertise in data is utilized not only to measure campaign success against your KPI's, but also to inform frontend media strategy and campaign optimizations. Dynamic customized dashboards with countless plug-in capabilities offer real-time sophisticated measurement.

Our technologies


Our thinkers, doers and dreamers would love nothing better than to go to work on your most profound marketing challenges. Bring us the problem, and we’ll become part of the solution. Deal?