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Who we are

Building Belief

We’re an ad agency. We’re not ashamed to say so. We create ideas.

But at our core, building belief is what we are all about.

And, to quote Ringo, It don’t come easy.

It takes time. Tenacity. And trust.

It only happens when each of us has the courage to offer others our experiences, our insights and our truth.

Free of agendas. Free from fear.

Belief is the engine that creates connections and drives open conversations, shared solutions and powerful platforms that drive our business – and, in turn, yours.

  • Belief in ourselves.
  • In each other.
  • In our clients
  • and their brands.
  • Belief that leads to results.

Why we're here
Our client partners

Our roots

Meet the two men who planted the acorns from which the mighty 100-some-year-old oak has grown. They're a couple of pretty interesting cats.

Greatest hits
A legacy of ideas at work

Take a peek at some of our most powerful, fun and successful work reaching back over more than a century. You’ll discover that while times change, what makes an idea great doesn’t.

Our work

Whether it’s a web design, a national TV spot or an in-store experience, it’s all crafted to cause one consumer response: belief that leads to results.

SVP, Director of Innovation

Lee Dorsey

Lee is an internationally awarded strategist and published marketing thinker. His work spans brand strategy, consumer research and early applications of disruptive technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. He has worked with a range of B2B and B2C brands, such as Carrier, Auer Steel, Maker’s Mark, Texas Roadhouse and Gilt Groupe. Before starting his working career, Lee competed in track and field at Davidson College during the Stephen Curry era and earned a master’s degree in marketing and management from the University of Virginia where he graduated at the top of his class.