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Management Team

Todd Spencer
CEO — President
Tom Mudd
EVP — Chief Financial Officer
David Vawter
EVP — Chief Creative Officer
John Birnsteel
EVP — Chief Operating Officer
Julie Ice
SVP — Director of Accounting
Dan Burgess
SVP — Director, Public Relations
Ray Radford
SVP — Channel Marketing
Stephanie Massler
SVP — Media Director
Michael Littman
SVP — Chief Marketing Officer
Joe Pierce
SVP — Chief Digital Officer

Brand Roster

  • 1st Source Bank 2014
  • Actors Theatre of Louisville 2014
  • Arai Helmet, Inc. 2013
  • BDI Furniture 2015
  • Bellarmine University 2006
  • Belterra Park 2013
  • Bluegrass Cellular 2012
  • Carrier 2013
  • Central Bank 2007
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 2010
  • Devil’s Cut 2011
  • Escort 2014
  • Goodwood Brewing Company
  • Hillerich & Bradsby 1971
  • Hosparus 2012
  • Independence Bank 2008
  • Jim Beam 2012
  • Jim Beam Black 2012
  • Maker’s Mark 1972
  • Maui Jim 2014
  • McAlister’s Deli 2011
  • Mellow Mushroom 2013
  • Mercy Academy 2013
  • Milton Madison Bridge Project 2008
  • Pinnacle Entertainment 2012
  • Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 2010
  • Red Stag 2012
  • Rudd 2010
  • Saint Xavier High School 2009
  • State of Kentucky 2010
  • The Morton Center 2014
  • The Ohio River Bridges Project 1998
  • Triumph North America 2011

Agency Services

  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Cause-Related Marketing
  • Creative Design
  • Crisis and Issues management
  • CRM
  • Customer Analytics
  • Digital Media & Search Marketing
  • Digital Production
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Internal/Employee Communications
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Media Relations
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Public Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Retail Marketing
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Trade Marketing
  • Viral Marketing

Key Facts

Independent Agency 94 employees 4th oldest U.S. agency, still operating $10.0 million in 2013 revenue Client Sizes: $500 thousand
to $25 million


You have to be good to get this old image.

You have to be good to get this old

100 years ago, a New York ad man and a Southern belle fell madly in love at a dinner party, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our history, to be precise.

This year, Doe-Anderson is celebrating 100 years in the business – a century of adapting, evolving and thriving in a world of relentless change. And though our humble beginning is the stuff of a Nicholas Sparks novel, we have a much bigger story to tell. So big, in fact, that we’re working with a local history museum to help tell it.

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Doe-Anderson Honored in International, Local Advertising Competitions image.

Doe-Anderson Honored in International, Local Advertising Competitions

Every once in a while, we like to use this space for shameless self-promotion. This is one such occasion.

Doe-Anderson has been named the seventh-most-successful ad agency in the 2015 Graphis Advertising Annual competition, a show that highlights the best work from thousands of international advertising entries.

And so we’re clear, that’s seventh out of 109 ad agencies — from around the world.

Click here to read more.

Doe-Anderson Named <br/>Media Agency-of-Record for Maui Jim image.

Doe-Anderson Named
Media Agency-of-Record for Maui Jim

Our ‘ohana just got a little bit bigger. Maui Jim, the fastest-growing premium polarized sunglass maker in the world, has named Doe-Anderson its media agency-of-record. Doe-Anderson will handle Maui Jim’s strategic media planning, buying and placement, brand loyalty programs, national broadcast and other creative projects moving forward.

While the agency has yet to secure a Maui Jim modeling agreement, certain founders (left) appear to be making strides in that direction. And we must say, it’s the best they’ve looked in years. Aloha, indeed.

Doe-Anderson Honored as<br/> “Fast 50” Company image.

Doe-Anderson Honored as
“Fast 50” Company

It’s no secret that Doe’s been growing. But – aside from cramping the company fridge – our recent client and employee additions have landed us a spot on Business First’s “Fast 50” list, an annual breakdown of the fastest-growing private companies in the region. We’ll take a little less space in the breakroom for that (provided a second fridge is up for discussion, of course).

Click here to read more.

Adweek Names Doe-Anderson Best Shop in Kentucky image.

Adweek Names Doe-Anderson Best Shop in Kentucky

“Every state has ‘that agency.’ The one you can’t help but admire, or envy. The one where you’d like to work—or if you’re lucky, where you do work. The one that’s hard to beat. The one that critics moan is overrated. The one that, more often than not, just gets it right.”

Read more about what Adweek’s saying about Doe-Anderson, and about the other top agencies in the U.S., here:
The United States of Ad Agencies

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2015 Branding Campaign
2015 Branding Campaign

2015 Branding Campaign

2015 Branding Campaign
2015 Branding Campaign

2015 Branding Campaign

The Côr Thermostat Introduction

The Côr Thermostat Introduction

How to kynect

How to kynect

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Advertorial
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Advertorial

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Advertorial

Salt Lake City Launch Promotion
Salt Lake City Launch Promotion

Salt Lake City Launch Promotion

2015 Rebranding Campaign

2015 Rebranding Campaign

2015 kynect Open Enrollment Campaign
2015 kynect Open Enrollment Campaign

2015 kynect Open Enrollment Campaign

2014 Enrollment Video

2014 Enrollment Video

2014 “Prepare for Real Life” Campaign
2014 “Prepare for Real Life” Campaign

2014 “Prepare for Real Life” Campaign

CentralMOBILE — Mobile Banking Campaign

CentralMOBILE — Mobile Banking Campaign

Maker’s Mark Cocktail Videos

Maker’s Mark Cocktail Videos

Carrier Brand<br/> Re-introduction

Carrier Brand

2014–2015 Season Brochure
2014–2015 Season Brochure

2014–2015 Season Brochure

2014 Maker’s 46 Campaign — “It’s Complicated”
2014 Maker’s 46 Campaign — “It’s Complicated”

2014 Maker’s 46 Campaign — “It’s Complicated”

Mobile Safety Month Campaign

Mobile Safety Month Campaign

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month <br/>Campaign
Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month <br/>Campaign

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

2014 Rebranding Campaign

2014 Rebranding Campaign

Pro Shade Print
Pro Shade Print

Pro Shade Print

Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange — “kynect is here. And it’s working.”

Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange — “kynect is here. And it’s working.”

Digital Recipe Cards
Digital Recipe Cards

Digital Recipe Cards

Digital Recipe Cards
Digital Recipe Cards

Digital Recipe Cards

Bourbon vs. Whisky Infographic
Bourbon vs. Whisky Infographic

Bourbon vs. Whisky Infographic


Maker’s Mark logo.
Carrier logo.
Hillerich & Bradsby logo.
Maui Jim logo.
State of Kentucky logo.
Triumph North America logo.
Arai Helmet, Inc. logo.
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital logo.
Jim Beam logo.
Central Bank logo.
1st Source Bank logo.
Independence Bank logo.
Bluegrass Cellular logo.
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) logo.
Hosparus logo.
Bellarmine University logo.
Mellow Mushroom logo.
Rudd logo.
The Ohio River Bridges Project logo.
Pinnacle Entertainment logo.
Mercy Academy logo.
Jim Beam Black logo.
Red Stag logo.
Escort logo.
Saint Xavier High School logo.
Belterra Park logo.
Devil’s Cut logo.
Actors Theatre of Louisville logo.
Milton Madison Bridge Project logo.
Goodwood Brewing Company logo.
The Morton Center logo.
McAlister’s Deli logo.
BDI Furniture logo.


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Andrew Isaacs
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Barb Renfroe
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Bill Schelling
Bob Lauder
Brandon Radford
Brian Easton
Brittany Campisano
Bruce Pugh
Carder LaBrake
Chase Stewart
Chris Fischer
Christa Dunnagan
Christian Walsh
Christina Amorose
Claire Tidmore
Dan Burgess
David Finch
David Vawter
Debbie Wilson
Delane Wise
Donald Reibert
Eddie Prentiss
Edna Spoelker
Elle Fuller
Emily Cohron
Erin Spalding
Gary Elder
George Archie
Ginger Knox
Heather Fuhrmann
Helen Heinzen
Jay Boone
Jeff Berry
Jennifer Wright
Jinks Miles
Joanna Clark
Joe Pierce
Joe Wiegand
John Birnsteel
Jonathan Bell
Julie Ice
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Stephanie Massler
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Todd Spencer
Tom Mudd
Tom Walthall
Tracey Saelen
Trina Reisert
Troy Burkhart
Ty Taylor
Ukiah Smith
Wes Keeton
Zach Stewart
Zack Burleson




Elmer Doe, Copy Chief at J. Walter Thompson in New York, tires of New York and sets out for greener pastures. Days after stepping off the train in Louisville he falls head over heels with a local debutante. An agency is born.



Doe hires paint salesman Warwick Anderson as a copy trainee for the grand sum of $0 per week.



Anderson gets even with Doe by putting his name on Elmer’s business cards, as Anderson’s success in landing accounts causes the agency to be renamed Doe-Anderson.




Doe hires Louisville’s first female media director, Pat Porter, who leads the department 
into the TV era.


Doe-Anderson incorporates and begins offering equity to all employees – a point of difference 
that endures to this day.



Warwick Anderson steps down as president, naming Larry Barker as his successor.



Hillerich & Bradsby, makers of the Louisville Slugger, arrive at Doe for the start of a 39-year 
(and counting) home stand.


Robert Allison becomes the agency’s fourth CEO, leading the agency onto the national stage. 
As the agency’s presence grows, Allison is named to the 4A’s National Board of Directors.


Armed with an impressive set of strategic tools and a very large cavalry saber, Jim Lindsey arrives at Doe-Anderson. Over the next 25 years he will guide the Maker’s Mark brand from regional obscurity to international prominence.


Maker’s Mark creator Bill Samuels, Sr., hires Doe-Anderson, then proceeds to write all the ads himself. His son, Bill, Jr., has followed in his father’s footsteps for the past 30 years.


Doe-Anderson acquires its first $1 million account: American Air Filter. (The world was 
a much dustier place in the ‘70s.)



Doe-Anderson plays a key role in helping turn KFC mogul John Y. Brown, Jr., into one of Kentucky’s most effective and high-profile governors. Perhaps surprisingly, the chicken does 
not become state bird.


Our radio campaign for North American Van Lines featuring Hollywood legend Orson Welles sweeps the CLIO Awards two years running. Welles is alleged to have commented, “Working with Bob (Beggs, CD) and Phil (Payne, Account Director) was perhaps the crowning achievement of my career.”


Art director Marty Jewett wins his first OBIE Award for a Maker’s Mark outdoor board. To date the campaign has received over 150 OBIE citations, making it one of the most recognized out-of-home campaigns in the world.


Doe-Anderson becomes the first agency in Kentucky to open a separate Public Relations division; it’s still winning clients and shaping opinion 25 years later.


Doe-Anderson’s TV campaign for Ashland Oil promoting keeping kids in high school is honored for its effectiveness by being read into the US Congressional Record.



The agency moves into expanded new quarters in the midst of Main Street’s historic Iron Quarter, in the conveniently named Doe-Anderson Building.


After 20 years of leadership, Bob Allison retires. Dave Wilkins succeeds him. Over the next 10 years, the agency more than doubles in size.



Doe-Anderson appoints only its sixth CEO in 92 years of existence, naming 15-year agency veteran Todd Spencer to the post. Insiders concur that Spencer was “clearly the tallest man
 for the job.”


Doe-Anderson trademarks its unique strategic planning process as Brand Enthusion™, turning traditional brand planning upside down, inside out and every which way but loose.


Doe defines, names and launches the world’s first ultrapremium rye whiskey, (rī)1. A barrelful of accolades rolls our way, including a Communication Arts Design Award for the brand’s package.



The Commonwealth of Kentucky returns to Doe-Anderson’s client list.


New agency Web site launches. Immediately thereafter, agency’s digital development team goes home for a long nap.

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