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Building Belief With Branded Environments

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In today’s economy, customers are looking for more than just products or services. They want to feel a connection with the brands they support and create memories that last long after a purchase is made. This shift in consumer behavior has given rise to what is known as the “experience economy.”

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The experience economy is characterized by brands that create participatory and immersive experiences for their customers. By designing emotionally engaging experiences that allow customers to be part of brands’ narratives, companies can forge deeper connections and a sense of brand loyalty.

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What Are Branded Environments?

Branded environments are experiential marketing tools for companies to establish distinctive brands and visual identities to further engage customers. These spaces require a multidisciplinary approach, combining traditional design methods with innovative technologies. Each element, from architecture to scents, must align with the brand’s story to evoke an emotional response in consumers.

wood accent themed starbucks storefrontImage Source: Unsplash

Within a brand’s marketing ecosystem, branded environments can take on many different forms, ranging from physical locations like stadiums, airports, hospitals and museums to temporary pop-ups at festivals and trade shows. Additionally, these branded environments have gone beyond their traditional boundaries and now include digital and virtual-reality touch points, providing customers with immersive experiences that help establish long-term loyalty.

The Benefits of Branded Spaces

Many successful companies have embraced the strategy of creating branded environments that align with their values and missions. But this approach is not exclusive to big corporations. Small businesses can also reap the benefits of investing in custom spaces that showcase their unique visual identities and establish them as leaders in their respective industries.

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Some of the key advantages of creating branded environments include:

  1. Making an Impression: The average consumer will form an opinion about your brand in just seven seconds. Put your best foot forward and leave a lasting impression with a captivating brand space.

  2. Enhancing Customer Engagement: Branded environments allow companies to engage and educate consumers in ways that feel personalized and meaningful, fostering deeper connections and encouraging repeat business.

  3. Reinforcing Brand Values: Well-designed branded environments serve as extensions of companies’ core values and can significantly impact their successes across all platforms.

  4. Attracting & Retaining Top Talent: An appealing brand space can help recruit and retain top talent, while also reminding current employees and stakeholders of the importance of their work.

  5. Increasing Social Media Exposure: Branded spaces can become social media hotspots that boost exposure and engagement for your brand.

Effective Brand Environments

The Maker’s Mark Barrel Room at Wrigley Field

Doe-Anderson’s redesign of the Maker’s Mark Barrel Room bridges the worlds of bourbon and baseball, creating a winning experience that's nothing short of a home run for enthusiasts of both.

Makers mark chandelier made of bottles

Situated in Wrigley Field, the Maker's Mark Barrel Room is a strategic platform to engage broader audiences. By leveraging its historic ties with the iconic Chicago Cubs, Maker’s Mark presents its unique narrative in an immersive manner that resonates with a diverse and captivated audience.

Maker's Mark branded environment gif

Exuding speakeasy charm, the space whisks visitors to a bygone era. Thoughtful decor and educational elements offer an immersive journey, while the presence of wooden barrels and glistening copper distilling equipment pays homage to Maker's Mark's craftsmanship and heritage.

Maker's Mark provisions sign

The space features historical photos and branded memorabilia, showcasing Maker's Mark's legacy intertwined with Cubs baseball. Muted lighting and curated soundscapes complement this visual display and craft a setting that's both engaging and intimate.

Hands holding up Maker's Mark whisky bottle

The Maker's Mark Barrel Room isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's a treat for all your senses. Bourbon tastings go hand-in-hand with America's favorite pastime, and the menu features Southern-style comfort food inspired by bourbon country. Whether you're enjoying a Maker's Mark bourbon flight or digging into mouth watering dishes, the space aims to elevate your game day with a taste of tradition.

Maker's Mark barrels

The Barrel Room extends beyond game-day use, hosting various events, from private tastings to larger gatherings. It demonstrates how adaptable spaces can boost audience engagement, emphasizing the significance of branded environments in forming meaningful connections with consumers.

Maker's Mark and Cubs branded event gifPhoto Cred: @crystallotusstudios

In sum, the Maker's Mark Barrel Room goes beyond typical club spaces, emphasizing the significance of branded venues. It celebrates history, craftsmanship, and shared passion, demonstrating how inviting fans to be part of something special can leave a lasting impact.

Carrier’s HVAC National Dealer Convention

The 2022 Carrier HVAC National Dealer Convention demonstrated the importance of branded spaces. This once-in-a-decade event connected dealers with the Carrier brand through immersive B2B environments, combining digital signage, personalized content, and impactful videos. It reinforced Carrier's commitment to partners and industry leadership.

Carrier conference stage

When dealers arrived at the hotel, they were greeted with a strong Carrier brand experience. Digital signs were strategically placed to provide both a warm welcome and important information, ensuring a smooth and well-organized event.

Carrier conference HVAC Times event sign

At the heart of the convention, a compelling and inspiring theme emerged: "Lead with Confidence." This theme deeply resonated with attendees on a personal level and seamlessly aligned with Carrier's brand vision. It was skillfully woven into every aspect of the event, reinforcing Carrier's dedication to empowering partners and solidifying its status as an industry leader.

Carrier conference gif

A standout feature of the event was the production of tailored and informative videos showcased on twelve large screens. These videos addressed daily themes and effectively conveyed agenda-specific messages. Doe-Anderson brought the creative brand vision and partnered with Streamline Event Agency to bring this vision to life.

Carrier conference Lead stage

The 2022 Carrier HVAC National Dealer Convention raised the bar for B2B branded experiences by blending advanced technology with personal interactions. This event highlights the pivotal role of branded spaces in delivering outstanding service and adaptability to partners' evolving needs.

EvoShield’s War Room Revamp 

EvoShield identified a need for a stronger brand presence within the Wilson HQ office. Collaborating with Doe-Anderson, they transformed the space into a compelling branded headquarters.

Evo War Room Before and After

The new design reflects EvoShield's commitment to innovation, aesthetic appeal, and practicality. The interior selections combine modernity with functionality, catering to EvoShield's diverse needs. More than just a space to display products and design cutting-edge sports gear, this revamped office also addresses day-to-day operational requirements. The inviting workspace boosts creativity, fosters collaboration, and emphasizes the brand's essence.

Evoshield neon yellow logo sign

Key features include a hexagon wall for geometric flair, exposed brick with shelf enhancements for authenticity, and a neon EvoShield sign that accentuates the brand. Additional elements like a vinyl-wrapped gradient wall and shelving are both visually appealing and perfect for photoshoots. The inclusion of a velcro wall introduces an interactive facet, adding both function and fun. 

Evoshield neon logo sign and display wall

EvoShield’s new facility showcases the brand's strong commitment to innovation, performance, and aesthetics while also catering to their practical requirements. Recognizing the need for versatility within the space, interior design elements were carefully selected to achieve a tasteful blend of modernity and functionality.

Evoshield War Room display wall

Ultimately, the makeover reinforces the importance of brand-centric spaces. EvoShield's revamped office not only amplifies their identity within Wilson HQ but also promises an impactful experience for those visiting the 'war room'.

Getting Started

In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial for companies to prioritize their branded environments. Creating a cohesive and immersive environment allows brands to stay relevant in the experience economy and keep up with the ever-changing market landscape. By utilizing these spaces, companies can establish a strong presence and connect with their audiences on a deeper level. This piece of a brand’s marketing ecosystem is an investment worth making to ensure long-term success.

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