Our work

Case studies

We helped this iconic Kentucky bourbon embark on an entirely new journey – direct to its customers’ front doors.

When lockdown made Indoor Air Quality a top priority for shut-in homeowners, we made it a compelling brand awareness story for Carrier.

When COVID-19 upended the Texas Roadhouse business model, we used advocates to drive awareness for to-go orders.

In a world where “craft” is overused and little-understood, Maker's Mark's years of success had become an obstacle to growth.

Revitalizing a global brand with a digital experience designed to take users beyond what's in the bottle.

We were inspired by our client’s patient-centric approach to care — and prescribed an update to their healthcare branding that proved reinvigorating.

Despite its bourbon-rich history, this iconic Kentucky town was thirsty for its share of the spotlight.

Central Bank wanted an integrated marketing campaign that would steal business from the megabanks.

Dupree needed a new way to talk about municipal bond funds without its audience glazing over.

Doe-Anderson and the Commonwealth of Kentucky put our kids’ health first and foremost in our latest work for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Doe partnered with the Commonwealth of Kentucky to reintroduce kynect –the acclaimed, highly successful state-run health exchange that helped more than 500,000 families gain access to affordable, quality health coverage.

Beam Suntory presented the opportunity to introduce a bourbon that redefines bourbon to the world.

This new Beam Suntory brand needed an engaging website experience to showcase its new bourbon unlike any other.

Using experience marketing to bring the Maker’s Mark red wax to life.

Establishing Norton Healthcare as the best-loved healthcare provider in the market.

Building a belief system for one of America’s top healthcare providers.

Connecting with a world now talking, almost exclusively, online.

Toyota came to us with a request: increase awareness of its after-sales services.

An iconic regional snack brand sought to freshen its approach and rediscover its brand voice.

Who we are

Over more than a century, many unbelievably talented people have helped make believers of our clients (and theirs). These are some of the folks who follow in their big footsteps.