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Jocari posing with JoBé besk

Journeying Beyond with JoBé

JoBé Products
Putting support behind The Besk, a convertible backpack-desk that supports the on-the-go consumer.

The Challenge

Consumers generally don’t find what they aren’t looking for. The Besk, developed as a niche product on a shoestring budget, initially targeted those searching for its specific function – a mobile backpack-desk. This missed a broader group that would consider the product if they knew it existed.

The Solution

Introduce JoBé and The Besk as a lifestyle brand targeting On-the-go Professionals and Outdoor Enthusiasts. Our social and PR-heavy campaign featured the product empowering consumers to Journey Beyond their homes and offices.

CREATIVE THAT INSPIRES:Raising The Besk to a New Level

We conducted a full brand audit and enhanced what was working. Like continuing to tell the story of founder JoCari Beattie and team, who embody the essence of this innovative product. We built on the imagination inherent in the brand, inviting consumers to bring the same into their work days. Our campaign promoted a new, more adventurous way of working for students, hobbyists and a remote-ready workforce growing increasingly mobile.

JoBé team pictureJoBé besk in backpack form and desk

Enhancing the Consumer Journey

We carried the campaign and brand work all the way through to the finish line, delivering an aligned consumer experience from first touch to checkout to confirmation email. Each step shared a look and feel that elevated the brand and created a seamless flow.

JoBé products emails
JoBé social media posts

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