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Bourbon City

Louisville Tourism
Tapping into a new category of traveler – and a city’s full potential.

The Challenge

All across the country, interest in bourbon was on a serious upswing. Louisville had spent years building a powerful brand as the Gateway to Bourbon Country but was still best known for the Kentucky Derby. The time was right to put the city’s rich bourbon culture front and center.

The Solution

We dialed up Derby City’s alter ego: Bourbon City – an elevated, urban bourbon destination. The campaign upended conventional perceptions of Kentucky and solidified Louisville’s spot at the top of any bourbon traveler’s list.


There was no need to reach every tourist. Only potential bourbon tourists: those with an affinity for bourbon who lived in drive or direct-flight markets. So, we built a bespoke media plan to target this bourbon-curious audience at precise points along their journeys – from digital searches to fine dining and beyond – and then tailored our messaging accordingly (and effectively).

Woman drinking with friends


Because we we were targeting urban-minded, bourbon-curious travelers, our creative approach sought to give them a sense not of what they’d see on a trip to Bourbon City, but what they’d feel. Intimate and elevated visuals along with ASMR-style sound design immersed viewers in a vibe rather than showing them skylines. A subtle but powerful shift away from traditional tourism marketing.

Woman drinkingMan holding drink
Group of friends enjoying drinks
Two friends holding drinks
Two women holding drinks at the bar


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