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broken bottle with bouquet

Glass to Garden

Maker's Mark
An experiential marketing program designed to crush it.

The Challenge

Maker’s Mark, the world’s largest B Corp distillery, was looking for a way to reduce its glass bottle packaging waste, but people have become disillusioned by traditional recycling – learning a lot of it actually ends up in landfills.

The Solution

Instead of simply encouraging people to throw bottles into bins that might lead to landfills, we let them pulverize the bottles (even those of competitors) at local grocery stores – turning them into a reusable soil mix that went to local community gardens to help grow food. For the experience, we placed portable glass pulverizers in Kroger stores and created a full retail campaign that led to crushing our sustainability goals.

:Encouraging Participation

The Glass to Garden campaign ran across seven locations of the nation’s largest grocery chain. We designed and placed mass displays, promotional posters and recyclable totes in the participating Kroger stores where we held pulverizing events and sampling activations every week. Local media coverage garnered by our PR team encouraged consumers to save and bring their empty bottles to the events where they could help crush the glass and receive a complimentary bourbon tasting.

sign and in store bottle pulverizer

:Beautiful Sustainability

The creative executions showed the iconic Maker’s Mark bottle beautifully crushed and broken – designed to turn heads and pique curiosity of the next generation of whisky drinkers (25+) who value sustainability and protecting the environment. The experience ​​made them participants in the sustainability vision of Maker’s Mark and let them become active contributors to a better, greener community.

crushed bottle and fresh bouquet
crushed bottle on red background
bags on red background
glass to garden sign on red backgroundpink flowers growing out of glass
Take a Look

Behind the Scenes

How do you handle a photoshoot with a pile of broken glass? Carefully. Each shard was purposefully placed to make for the best possible shots – furthering the brand’s identity of being carefully handcrafted.

crushed bottles lined up
bottles next to bin of crushed glass
team setting up glass and flowers photoshoot
fresh cut flowers in a cup of water

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