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Will It Flush

Driving social engagement – and sales leads – right when it matters most.

The Challenge

Every holiday, residential plumbing problems spike nationwide (more people at home, more parties, more flushes). But the holidays are also the toughest time to grab a potential customer’s attention.

The Solution

An ownable, ongoing don’t-try-this-at-home social series. Tailor-made for the holidays, but strategically designed to remind consumers who to call when that plumbing problem pops up.


Ridiculous for a Reason

A deceptively simple, socially focused concept deeply rooted in strategy and our distinctive Roto-Rooter brand voice. Because nobody wants to think about a plumbing emergency unless they absolutely have to (especially during the holidays). But everybody wants to know if you can flush a fruitcake down the toilet.


Shooting at Scale

Producing the entire series in-house with our production team meant building a bathroom set on a budget, including a false-bottom toilet we could quickly unclog at will. It also meant significant client cost savings and a streamlined production process.

photo of production team


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