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Keep calm & brand on

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keep calm and brand on

Marketing through COVID-19

It’s a time unlike any other, and we’re all juggling an almost unimaginable number of challenges and choices that are crucial to our brands and businesses – both now and for the future.

What we believe is that we’ll get through this together. And, in that spirit, we want to share some observations and recommendations on the value of maintaining your brand’s communication with your customers and prospects as we navigate through this crisis.

Study after study has shown brands that keep up a dialogue with consumers – even a modified one – emerge stronger on the other side of short-term business disruptions.

This infographic includes some emerging trends in messaging and media we hope will help when forming your communication and marketing plans in this new, uncertain reality.

All of us at Doe-Anderson are here to help you work through it – just as we’ve done in every downturn and difficulty since 1915.

Stay safe.

covid infographic

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