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The American Customer Journey: Part Two

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child in the woods

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Stages of Life: Childhood, life choices and work

Life comes at us fast. In a moment we pass from the dreams of youth to the realities of adulthood. Along the path questions begin to form around our shared human experience.

  • “Who do I want to be when I grow up?”

  • “Am I the person that I intended to become?”

  • “Is that all there is?”

  • “How will I be remembered?”

Part two of our review of the American Journey explores childhood, life preparation and work. Through this work we explore the elements that form our foundation. The advantages of some. The constraints on others. We delve into the possibilities presented by different life choices and skill sets. We see the financial results of the paths people take, both consciously and unconsciously.

We encourage you to take a walk with us along Main Street, where our customers live their actual lives. Marketing is in here, as is plenty of data. But so too are practical insights into basic human understanding. For most, the world is more than a collection of transactions. It is the interactions with each other that define our walk through the world.

the american customer journey pt 1

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