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Research & Analytics

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Data science
Research & Analytics is all about applying scientific rigor to improve business practices.

Opportunities for optimization are everywhere – if you just know how to ask the right questions. Whether we’re measuring the number of new customers visiting a website or combing data from digital touch points and customer surveys to build models that can predict offline word-of-mouth advocacy, we are objective, curious and skeptical. We are driven to build belief through deep insights that lead to bottom-line results. From real-time marketing performance dashboards to advanced artificial intelligence applications, we transform data into a competitive edge that unlocks new possibilities for brands.

  • Integrated Data Visualizations & Dashboards
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Tracking & Tag Management
  • Measurement Planning & KPI Development
  • User Journey Insights
  • Social Listening Research
  • Customer Value Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Survey Design & Analysis
  • Workshops & Training Sessions

Our fundamentals

An ounce of curiosity is worth a pound of technical prowess

Although our team is highly trained in advanced methods that might easily be mistaken for names of Norwegian death metal bands, none of those tools matter unless we apply them to the right questions. 

Don’t move the goal posts

We love big hairy goals so much that we build full measurement plans prior to launching any campaign. Alignment on where we are going is critical before we begin marching downfield. We define what it means to succeed in advance so our teams know when it’s time to break out the touchdown dance.

Kill the fire drill

Access to curated real-time performance data keeps teams focused on the sparks before they turn to forest fires. We share early and often to limit surprises.

Horse before cart

All too often, businesses pull research and analytics teams in late on projects to validate decisions that have already been made. At Doe-Anderson, we integrate these disciplines directly into conversations with creatives, strategists and media planners from the very outset of every project, making data the engine that propels us toward success.

Everyone is an analyst

Data-driven decisions can only be made by decision makers with data. We digest and distill complex data into insights, implications and next steps that make our work approachable, not intimidating.

Stories move mountains

Data visualization and reporting isn't effective unless you know exactly what you want the audience to take away from it. At the end of the day, no one remembers the numbers, they remember the story.

Research & Analytics
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Our thinkers, doers and dreamers would love nothing better than to go to work on your most profound marketing challenges. Bring us the problem, and we’ll become part of the solution. Deal?