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Toyota "360 Support"
Celebrating the heroes of customer service

The background

While Toyota was already well-known for the quality of its forklifts and commercial equipment, it came to us with a more urgent and tangible need: to spread awareness about its after-sales services.

How do you convince customers who have already purchased the most expensive forklifts on the market to fork over additional money for an extended service program?

  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Messaging
  • Digital Advertising Development
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Photography

Peer review

Highlighting the difference between price and value

A forklift that doesn’t work isn’t just inconvenient, it can bring business to a standstill. Toyota stands behind its forklifts with after-sale service that’s second to none, resulting in day-in, day-out dependability that makes it the least-expensive brand in terms of overall cost of ownership.

We chose to tell that story through the voices of Toyota technicians who bring the program to life.

The campaign
Quality personified

By featuring Toyota technicians in marketing communications, we were able to shine a spotlight on the pride and passion of the people behind the service. 

This lent credibility to the value proposition while simultaneously generating internal excitement around the program launch. It was a win-win for Toyota.

The results
Heavy lifting pays off

The challenge with programs such as this one is getting the internal audience excited enough to actually go out and sell it. Judging by the repeat orders of marketing materials, this program indeed has done some heavy lifting for Toyota Materials Handling.

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