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A global icon's storytelling platform

The background

Maker’s Mark Bourbon needed a global website to provide users with a consistent experience across touch points, connect consumers to the brand through storytelling and highlight the distillery as a premium travel destination. Through an extensive website design process shared with key stakeholders, integrated vendors and brand stewards, the website is almost as good as walking the distillery. Almost.

  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Experience Design
  • Experience and Strategy Workshops
  • Full-Stack Development
  • CMS and API Integration
  • CRM Strategy and Management
  • SEO Strategy and Writing
  • Photography
  • Post Production and Motion Graphics
  • Tracking and Tag Mangement
  • Measurement Planning and KPI Development

By the numbers

YOY Session Duration
YOY Time On Page
YOY Site Conversion Rate
YOY eCommerce Sessions
Google PageSpeed Insights

Peer review

Built for the story

Four major user missions were identified and guided our content strategy for the build. A storytelling focus and our “no dead ends” mantra help users fulfill their primary missions on-site and then encourage them to continue exploring and discovering the brand they love. Detailed documentation and an agile process progressed the build smoothly, keeping all teams in lockstep with the plan.

Digital brand elements
A digital visual identity

A suite of global design elements was inspired by the core elements of Maker’s Mark Bourbon itself. The label paper background, wheat- and black-char-colored secondary elements and red highlights are distinctively Maker’s. The system is modular in structure, speeding up the initial build and allowing for flexibility and consistency as new content is added. 

Consumer relationship management
The Maker’s Mark Ambassador Program

It was important for Maker’s to support gated functionality for its most loyal fans, providing visibility to those who log into their accounts and updates on the barrels they have aging at the distillery. This functionality is powered by integrations with a custom-built Ambassador management system, consumer database and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We’ll go to great lengths to provide the most seamless user experience possible. 

Driving conversions
Product finder

While the three-tier system of alcohol distribution keeps the brand from providing a full-blown e-commerce experience in the U.S., we worked with Maker’s Mark’s MarTech team to integrate into its Product Finder so consumers can find bars, restaurants, liquor stores or e-retailers in their areas through the “Buy” button in the top left or at various points within site content. 

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