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Norton Healthcare
Leadership by the Letter

The background

Norton Healthcare is the area’s leading healthcare provider, with more facilities, practitioners and patients than any other system in the state. But it is not always the most preferred. There was a need to bolster brand recognition of Norton Healthcare overall and drive preference for Norton among consumers in the region, prioritizing those areas of care in which consumers are taking a more active role in choosing services and providers.

  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Media Strategy and Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Programmatic
  • Offline Media
  • Brand Positioning
  • Consumer Research

By the numbers

of Chief Health Officers “would recommend Norton”

Peer review

Delivering approachable expertise

Our positioning centered around “Approachable Expertise,” which delivers what most consumers describe as their “ideal” healthcare experience. We identified two key audiences, Chief Health Officers (CHOs) and Healthcare Veterans, who navigate healthcare decisions in very different ways. We messaged proactive and routine health opportunities to CHOs and specialized services to Healthcare Veterans.

A call to action
"Look for the N"

The campaign reinforced the insight that while Norton is always there when needed, life is all about the moments when it’s not – interpreted for each target. Tailored media plans were developed based on each audience’s media usage. The themeline, “Look for the N,” encourages people to seek out this mark of quality while reinforcing the convenience of Norton’s widespread presence. 

Campaign extensions
Expanding our audiences

After initial launch, the campaign was extended to reach two additional audiences: Expectant Moms and Everyday Athletes. While still leveraging the confidence personified by the Norton "N," new messaging and targeted media buys were put in place to reach the new audiences.


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